Microblading Classes for California Students

3D Brows Academy is the top destination in microblading training for students in California. Whether you’d like to become a microblade artist in Los Angeles, Sacramento, or anywhere in between, we have the permanent makeup classes for you.

Located near Salt Lake City, Utah, our microblading training facility is just a short flight away from your home in California. Not only do our travel students receive an unparalleled education, we offer multiple travel discounts to make your stay more enjoyable. With complementary transportation to and from the Salt Lake airport as well as discounted hotel room rates, we can ensure that your time at 3D brows is both affordable and accommodating.

California Microblading Students Practice their Microblading Training On Synthetic & Live Models
Microblading Training Course with Practice on Live Models


Our featured microblading course is the 5-Day Hands-On Training at the 3D Brows Training Facility. For an entire week, prospective microblading artists are immersed in the fundamentals of permanent makeup, following in the footsteps of the finest instructors the industry has to offer. With this package students are given limited access to our online training in preparation for the course, allowing them to familiarize themselves with our techniques and improve their knowledge retention. During the 5-day Hands-On Training, we instruct on everything from microblading fundamentals & proper hair strokes to color theory & aftercare.

Practicing with several different materials that replicate real skin, our students are given hands-on experience to better understand skin texture, stretching, depth & stroke placement, effectively preparing them to work on live models. With an accomplished instructor by their side, each student works on 2 live models from start to finish, assisting an additional student with a 3rd model throughout the course of their training. Upon completion of our microblading courses, students are awarded a 50-100-hour certificate and ongoing support from instructors at 3D Brows.

Invest in your future as a California microblading artist and take the 5-day Hands-On Training from 3D Brows. Our graduates leave our training facility with much more than just a foundation in microblading—they leave with a network of artists & instructors on their side, countless tools & resources, and a jumpstart on their career as a successful microblade artist. Don’t wait to begin your journey in permanent makeup! Sign up for our 5-day hands on training today!

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Prefer online courses to in-person training? No problem! Online microblading courses at 3D Brows have a curriculum based on our microblading fundamentals training, designed to help students get a jump start on their foundation in permanent makeup. With training materials in multiple formats, from audio/visual to reading & hands-on, our online microblading training provides students with an education truly unlike any other entry-level microblading school.

Through instructional videos, visual examples, assignments with years of personal experience & client documentation behind them, our course ensures that every student learns proper habits.

No matter where you live in California, you can train in microblading with an online course from 3D Brows. In fact, you can become a microblading artist without ever leaving your living room! Learn more about our online course & sign up below.

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Online Microblading Training from 3D Brows