3D BROWS is an award-winning training institution that’s dedicated to educating & empowering the world’s best microblade artists.   As a family-owned business with a rich history in Skincare & Microblading we believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY, we don't cut corners!!
To meet the individual needs of our clients & students we offer both client services and educational courses.
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Microblading Training & Classes

Students choose 3D Brows because we offer some of the best ongoing training support within the industry! By offering a limited amount of trainings we focus on quality & personalized learning experiences through our unique, online & hands-on trainings. Learn the fundamentals of microblading, machine shading, lash lifts, tattoo removal, or a combination of each with our in-depth training courses. Classes at 3D Brows Academy are not merely done on paper – each course allows for students to apply their permanent makeup training on a live model for an authentic experience unlike any other. Online microblading courses are available also!

Upon completion of any course we offer graduates leave 3D Brows Academy with a community of microblade/permanent makeup artists on their side and some of the best ongoing support in the industry. The requirements to become a certified microblading artist vary by state and country, but courses at 3D Brows Academy can provide you with a perfect starting point.

Become a certified microblade artist and jumpstart your microblading career. To get started on your path as a permanent makeup artist, contact us to learn more about your state requirements and enroll in one of our courses today!

Choose your path to success!  Microblading, Shading (Ombre Brows) & Removals thru Online, Hands-on Training education platforms.




How I started a successful Microblading Career through Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Top Microblading Eyebrows School located in Murray, Utah - 3D BROWS ACADEMY

    One of the many important reasons that our students & clients choose 3D BROWS ACADEMY is because it’s known that our founder/ head instructor, Patty Willardsen, goes above and beyond when it comes to sharing her knowledge, resources and experience with others. Because we do not cut corners, our founder Patty Willardsen oversees and instructs all courses and procedures here at our training facility in Utah. It’s often said “she holds nothing back” this has allowed us to build a community of like-minded individuals recognized by the hashtag #3DBrowsCertified.

    Patty Willardsen, Founder and Head Instructor of 3D BROWS ACADEMY in Murray, Utah
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