3D BROWS Tips & Tricks

3D Brows Tips & Tricks Pigment Color Swatch Test

To help determine the healed color for Microblading and or Shading we recommend doing a Color Swatch Test on your clients forehead.

Choosing pigment color
To do this we take the mixed target color, dip our gloved finger into the pigment and spread a thin layer onto your clients skin. (Make sure that when you do this, you have cleaned the area so there is no makeup residue left).  After a few seconds you will see the color start to oxidize. To determine how this color will heal for microblding I want you to look for the darker spots (the concentrated pigment stuck in the pores). To determine how the color will heal for shading look at the overall pigment swatch.
  • The darker color caught in the pores will be the way your microblading will heal
  • The lighter overall color will be the way your shading will heal
  • In the video below 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen explains this technique.   Keep in mind these results will vary depending on your depth and brand of pigment being used.   We have found this technique to be very consistent with Li Pigments.

YouTube video