a woman getting her eyebrows done

Tina Davis Fade Line Review

3D Brows Tips & Tricks with Patty Willardsen reviving Tina Davis Fade Line product review and how to implant pigment using carbon vs. iron oxide and hybrid pigments. To watch video click here or image above! 00:00:00:24 – 00:00:31:29   Okay. First time using the Tina Davies fade line and I used it to shade a […]

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Eyebrow shading with tattoo machine

Ombre brows 3 ways to implant ink

3 ways for permanent makeup artist to implant pigment into the skin for Ombr’e Brows/ eyebrow shading removal and corrections. To watch video click on the image below or CLICK HERE! Permanent Makeup Artist when you’re putting ink into the skin, there’s only three ways that you can actually put ink into the skin, right? […]

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Microblading touchups

Permanent makeup color fading?

What to do when your client’s color has changed over time. If your client’s color ages well and you are satisfied with how the color has faded in the skin, then you CAN use the same color as you initially used. But if the color has changed and aged poorly in the skin, you can […]

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Ombre brows practice

Ombre Brow practice on latex

With all the different latex options out there, it can get overwhelming trying to determine which latex is the best fit for each technique. Let us take the guess work out of it for you. In this video, 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen tells you her favorite latex to practice shading on, what ink to […]

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Microblading training

PMU Needle Hang

Needle Hang How  far out should your needle hang? When it comes to needle hang everyone will have a bit of variation in how far out they like their needle to ride.  This means how much needle is showing from the end of the cartridge.  Although there will be variation, the variation will be slight.  […]

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Eyebrow shading example

Eyebrow Shading how to

Shaded brow, powder brow, ombre brow   These are all just names for the same technique which is implanting color into the skin covering the entire surface of your brow stencil. This means that after you do your brow mapping, instead of doing hair strokes to fill in that brow stencil you just drew, you are […]

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Tina Davies product review

How to get the healed results you want

Results are dependent on 5 main factors… (listed in no particular order): #1… Depth… depth is so important when it comes to the way a healed brow looks.  If you go too deep the stroke will heal blurry and grey.  If you go too shallow then the stroke will heal out or appear a reddish-orange color.  […]

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Microblading training

Shading/ Ombr’e Brows

3D Brows Tips & Tricks: Shading/ Ombr’e Brows In this tutorial video 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen explains to newbie Permanent Makeup students the basics to eyebrow shading. Not every client has spars brows or missing hairs. Shading allows us the option to provide a tinting/ shadow-like effect with or without hair strokes. With shading […]

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Eyebrow color swatch

3D Brows Tips & Tricks Pigment Color Swatch Test

To help determine the healed color for Microblading and or Shading we recommend doing a Color Swatch Test on your clients forehead. Choosing pigment color To do this we take the mixed target color, dip our gloved finger into the pigment and spread a thin layer onto your clients skin. (Make sure that when you do this, you […]

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Saline removal eyebrows

Saline Removal using a digital machine

3D Brows Tips & Tricks: Saline Removal using a digital machine 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen demonstrates the motions used to remove pigment from the skin using a saline solution.   When pulling ink out of the skin we typically recommend using a circular motion for larger areas, and for fine small areas we use a shoveling […]

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