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Microblading, Shading Combinations, Color Correction, and Tattoo Removal

Microblading Before and After - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah


Your eyes are the window to your soul, and we often refer to your eyebrows as the frame. It’s understood that your smile and eyebrows are the most powerful form of non-verbal communication. In fact, studies show your eyebrows are the most recognized facial feature. What are your brows saying about you?

Through microblading we’re able to fill in the gaps for nature when it comes to eyebrows! For those of you who are missing some hair or have sparse areas in the brows, microblading is a great solution to achieve natural and full-looking brows in just one visit.

Microblading, commonly referred to as hair stroke method, is done by inserting colored pigment shallow into the skin using a hand tool with tiny needles. The needles are so fine that a skilled technician can create natural-looking eyebrow hair strokes that can appear to be thinner than most eyebrow hairs.

To achieve natural-looking microblading healed results, 3D BROW artists apply color theory formulas according to your skin tone, skin type, hair color, hair pattern, lifestyle, medical conditions and your desired look. The first microblading procedure is followed up with a touch-up appointment 6-8 weeks later. This touch-up appointment is crucial to your overall success because it’s not uncommon to lose 30% of the 1st procedure hair strokes. After the touch-up (2nd appointment) it’s not uncommon for hair strokes to last up to 2 years. However, we recommend clients get touch-ups on a yearly basis if they desire to keep their eyebrow hairs strokes looking crisp and bold.

Cost of Initial Microblading Procedure: $500, first touch-up included
Cost of Additional/Yearly Touchups: $400


If you’re looking to have fuller-looking brows, or for those who have oily skin and are unable to have success with microblading, shading is a great solution to achieve bolder-looking brows.

Shading consists of various techniques done with a hand tool or a machine in creating soft shades or bold shades and can even be combined with your microblading hair stroke. This combination is often referred to as ombre brows.

Aside from the popular Ombre Brow, 3D BROWS Founder Patty Willardsen has developed her own combinations of soft shades and hair strokes, known in the industry as Pixie or Stardust Brow.

Cost: $500

Microblading Hair Strokes and Shading - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah
Microblading Shading and Undertones - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah


Are you unhappy with the COLOR and or SHAPE of your eyebrows?

Our founder, Patty Willardsen, is a mastered corrective work also know as eyebrow tattoo removal. If you have had prior microblading or old permanent makeup we can re-work what the past artist has done and fix the shape and the color, then remove whatever pigment is left outside of our new stencil.

​Depending on the age of your tattoos, eyebrow tattoo removal can be done with in just a few appointments.

There are two different ways that we can go about corrections: One is lightening the brow to almost non-existent by pulling out all the color, and the other is color correcting a brow that has turned colors.

For the eyebrows we use a saline solution to pull out the old color under the skin. Saline removal can pull all colors safely out of the skin compared to laser.

COST: $500 first appointment

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