Permanent Makeup Training

To all of the manual permanent makeup artists out there, (Microblading, Soft tap or Traditional Tattoo)… ITS TIME TO EXPAND!  
Being educated in all forms of permanent makeup will make you more valuable in your field and you won’t have to turn away any client for any reason. Permanent makeup training at 3D Brows is the finest in the industry. Working alongside our experienced instructors, you will be immersed in the fundamentals of PMU, from shading and ombre brows to color correction and permanent eyeliner.  If you only microblade, soft tap and/or traditional tattoo and want to learn about eyebrows & eyeliner, this permanent makeup course is for you! Microblading Artists stay ahead of the curve and keep learning.  
Students in Advanced Microblading Classes in Shaping Eyebrows, Micropigmentation, and Permanent Makeup at 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah
Permanent Makeup Machine Course - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah
5-day PMU Machine Course Dates 2021:
    • Aug. 16-20th – Sold Out
    • Nov. 1-5th



2 different machines and all needles included!

5-days hands on Training + Online Video Demonstrations

Fee: $4,500  /Past student special $4,200 

The Permanent Makeup Machine Course is designed to help both Microblading and Soft-tap artist transition smoothly into offering these new techniques within the services they already perform.  Each tool has its unique purpose and in this course we teach you why!  This is a 5-day hands on class where student’s will be learning the benefits of both a Digital & Rotary Machine.  In preparation for the course, students will have unlimited access to online video demonstrations that include whats covered in this class.

To ensure the best hands on experience, this course is broken into segments shown below:

DAY 1 : Advantages of a Digital Pen for Shading, Ombre Brows

  • Fundamentals of a Digital Pen
  • Proper needle choice for the skin and look you are trying to accomplish
  • Depth of needles
  • Speed of machine vs hand speed
  • Proper stretch
  • Color theory
  • Different pigment lines and when to use them
  • Trouble shooting when skin won’t accept pigment
  • Practice on a variety of different fake skin textures
  • Sanitation
  • Aftercare

DAY 2:Shading w/ Digital Pen on Model day 

  • Full model procedures w/ an instructor
  • More practice preparation on synthetic skin materials
  • Model demonstrations w/ other students to understand of how different colors take on a variety of skin types

DAY 3: Rotary Machine for Color Correction and Removal

  • Fundamentals of a Rotary Machine
  • Learn how to load and unload a rotary machine
  • Understanding needle selection and what grip
  • How to fix brows that have turned colors
  • How to remove an entire brow or part of the brow that the client is unhappy with
  • How to pull a little color out of the brow so that the pigment does not over saturate
  • Color theory for corrective work
  • Instructor DEMONSTRATION on live model

DAY 4: Fundamentals of eyeliner 

  • Learn three patterns for eyeliner… (wing, smokey and lash line)
  • Proper preparation & safety
  • Painless numbing technique
  • How to stretch the skin around the eye
  • Hand movement vs. hand speed (we help you find your speed)
  • Color theory
  • Different inks and when to use a carbon based ink
  • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

DAY 5: Eyeliner Model day 

  • Eyeliner practice & preparation for live model
  • LIVE MODELS w/ instructor by your side
  • Demonstrations & observation of of other students work

 Includes TWO Separate Tattoo Machine Kits:

Smart Plus Digital Pen Kit:  Digital pen, needles, barrier film and grip tape.  Digital Pen is recommended for Shading/ Ombre brows.

Bishop Rotary Kit : Top of the line Bishop Rotary machine, Critical Power Supply, TATsoul foot pedal, needles, clip cords and grips and barrier’s needed to operate the machine.   Rotary kit is recommended for Removal, Color Correction, and Eyeliner. 

Upon completion of the course, students will be awarded up to 60-hour certificate covering Eyeliner, Color Correction, Removal, and Brow Shading and Combinations. 


Microblading Demonstration - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

The One-on-One is a full day of training tailored to your needs with just you and Patty. We provide the modes, so that you get a well-rounded, hands-on experience. At the end of the One-on-One training, you will be awarded with a 12 hours of advanced training certificate.

To schedule a one day training within the next 60 days, please contact us for available dates.