3D Brows Tattoo Removal & Shading Course Options (Beginner or Advanced)

Learn how to take your clients’ brows from botched to beautiful with Tattoo Removal and Color Correction Courses at 3D Brows Academy. With our hands-on Color Correction course, you can train in color correction that will transform your clients’ brows and instill confidence in them for years to come.

At 3D Brows, we teach saline solution tattoo removal as a more effective & safer alternative to other tattoo removal procedures. Ideal for clients with sensitive skin, darker skin tones, and people allergic to tattoo pigment, our saline solution method ensures a less invasive, more pleasant experience for clients of all skin types.

3D Brows Academy offers two courses in color correction and tattoo removal. Keep reading to learn more about our Entry Level Shading Course & our Advanced PMU Machine Course, and make your selection today!

Eyebrow Tattoo & Microblading on live Models
Microblading Student Practices Techniques from a Microblading Course


In just 2 evenings, beginners & experienced microbladers can learn the basics of tattoo removal, shading & ombre brows, and hair stroke combinations during our Shading Course. Using a digital tattoo machine, students who take the Shading Course receive in-depth, hands-on experience that will benefit them throughout their entire career. While we recommend having a basic knowledge of microblading or permanent makeup, you don’t have to be an expert microblade artist to take this course!

To better serve our course participants from out of the state or country, we offer alternatives to taking the Shading Course as a stand-alone training. Traveling microblading students can add the Shading Course on the 3rd & 4th evenings of our Microblading Fundamentals 5-day Hands on Training for a comprehensive classroom experience. The first 2 days of the Fundamentals Hands on Training fully prepare students for the Shading Course as they learn and practice the fundamental principles of permanent makeup, making it simple to complete the hands-on training in tattoo removal, corrections, shading, and hair stroke combinations.

Train alongside some of the best instructors that the industry has to offer! Sign up for our Entry-Level Shading Course or Microblading Fundamentals 5-day Hands on Training for a complete course to kickstart your career in permanent makeup.

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For a more in-depth training of eyebrow tattoo removal and color correction, we recommend our Permanent Makeup Machine Course. During this course, you will have the opportunity to learn everything from shading & ombre brows to eyeliner & cosmetic tattoo removal. Learn how to properly use both a Digital & Rotary Machine throughout the 5-day hands-on training, perfecting your skills on live models. We also offer unlimited access to online video demonstrations of the course content for our students to use in preparation for the PMU Machine Course.

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Microblading Instructor Demonstrates Microblading on a Live Model


Not only are our tattoo removal courses incredibly beneficial on their own, they can be added to other permanent makeup courses for a comprehensive cosmetic education. Being educated in all forms of permanent makeup will increase your value as an artist. In fact, with the proper training, you may never have to turn away a client again! If you’re already an accomplished microblade artist and you’re looking to expand your skillset, our cosmetic tattoo removal and color correction courses are for you. Because they can offer more services, our graduates stay ahead of the curve and beat out their competition.

For the finest training in cosmetic tattoo removal and color correction, look no further than 3D Brows Academy! With deals on travel and discounted hotel room rates, our courses are perfect for students from out of the state, or even out of the country.

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