3D BROWS Tips & Tricks

How to get the healed results you want

Microblading training

Results are dependent on 5 main factors… (listed in no particular order):

#1… Depth… depth is so important when it comes to the way a healed brow looks.  If you go too deep the stroke will heal blurry and grey.  If you go too shallow then the stroke will heal out or appear a reddish-orange color.  What you are looking for when you are done with your initial treatment is every stroke being the same color from start to finish.


#2…Angle… Microblading trainingthe angle of the tool is so crucial.  If the needles enter into the skin tilted your healed results will not be crisp.   They will appear blurred.  This is not due to migration, this is due to the fact that the ink was deposited sideways.


#3…Stretch!  When you are going to make your stroke there can be no skin movement.  If you place the tool down and see a skin dent, then the skin is not tight enough.  You should not have to use downward pressure to get the needles to slice through the skin.  If the skin is taught then the needles should just glide along the skin easily slicing and creating the appearance of a hair stroke.   Think to yourself about ice-skating on the skin not swimming in the skin.



#4…Double stroking. Microblading training If you have to go back through your strokes in order to get your desired depth you have to make sure you are right back in that same stroke.  If you aren’t in the same cut and instead right next to the cut it will heal to a thicker and more blurred-out stroke.   Or if you are in the stroke but at the end, you come out of it, it will look like a split end.Microblading training


#5…Criss Cross strokes vs. merged strokes.  You can absolutely merge your strokes, meaning you can get close to another stroke, but you can’t cross over your strokes.  Anywhere that you cross your strokes will heal darker and appear to look like a blowout.  



Microblading trainingIf you are not getting the healed results you like, don’t jump pigment lines.  Figure out why you are not getting the results you want first.  To the side is a picture of both a carbon-based line and an iron oxide-based line and you will see both lines heal beautifully if used correctly.