What is Brow Microblading?

Brow microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing.

A specialized technician uses a tool equipped with tiny needles to create fine, hair-like strokes on the eyebrow area. The technique creates a fuller appearance for those with sparse brows or issues with hair loss. People all over the world are opting for microblading because it’s a long-lasting solution with minimal maintenance.

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Why Opt for
Brow Microblading with 3D Brows?

Forget the Hassle of Daily Eyebrow Maintenance

Microblading is a long-lasting procedure to enhance your eyebrows – minus the daily care.


The results of microblading provide full, perfectly-shaped brows that last for 1-3 years.

Minimal Discomfort

3D Brows uses a state-of-the-art microblading procedure to minimize discomfort – you’ll barely feel a thing!

How it Works


Drawing and Measuring

A 3D Brows technician will work with you to draw the shape of your “perfect” eyebrows. We use a specialized tool to measure your face and create a symmetrical look.


Apply Numbing Cream

We’ll apply a numbing cream to make the microblading process as painless as possible.



Our technician will use a special microblading pen to fill out your eyebrows and give you the look you want. This process usually takes 1-3 hours.


Pigment Application

Our technician will apply a pigment to your brow area, which is absorbed by the skin to add your color of choice.

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We all want to look our best – and our eyebrows tend to be what people notice first.
At 3D Brows, our experts are here to help you achieve the appearance you want with a 100% safe, non-surgical microblading procedure.
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Brow Microblading

How long do Microblading eyebrows last?

Microbladed eyebrows typically last anywhere from one to three years. This timeline depends on several factors, including skin type, age, routine, and lifestyle.

Is microblading painful?

Microblading involves making small scratches in the skin where pigment is deposited, so some discomfort is to be expected. There will be a numbing cream applied to reduce discomfort during the procedure.

Do you shave my eyebrows off for microblading?

No. We will need to use your natural brows as a guide to make sure the end result looks natural.

How long does a microblading session take?

A brow microblading session usually takes 1 to 3 hours – but the exact duration can vary on several factors. These may include the complexity of your desired eyebrow shape, skin type, and amount of work needed.

What does the aftercare look like for microblading?

Aftercare of microblading requires you to keep the affected area clean and dry for the first week. Do your best to avoid water, excessive sweating, and sun exposure.

You will also need to apply aftercare ointment to keep the eyebrows moisturized. Following the recommended guidelines is necessary for proper healing, minimizing the risk of infections, and helping the pigment settle for long-lasting results.

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If your client comes in healed and wants you to go darker, but you know a darker color won’t age well with their skin…TINT THEM!  If your client has light hairs they will always look lighter over your Microblading.  Teach your client how to tint their brows, this is low maintenance and very effective!  Don’t go darker if you arent comfortable doing so!
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Permanent makeup color fading? 
What to do when your client's color has changed over time.

If your client's color ages well and you are satisfied with how the color has faded in the skin, then you CAN use the same color as you initially used. But if the color has changed and aged poorly in the skin, you can NOT use what you originally used...You have to replace what has been lost!
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Vermont and Maine have some new artist about to take over!!! Sam is going to focus on removals which she will be brilliant at.  And Nina is one of those students that is a natural at this!  Microblading and shading just came so easy for her.  She was born for this. 😊 Hopefully is see @bodypiercingby_nina again for lips in February 💋💋
Microblading Needle Selection simplified - Learn how to read needle size
- Choose the right needle size
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How to choose the best microblading needle(s) for your client. 
 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen simplifies microblading needle sizes,  diameters, shapes, and flex.   

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How to color correct with a digital pen

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