Meet The Team

Patty Willardsen permanent makeup instructor and master esthatician instructor.

Patty Willardsen

Founder/Head Instructor

From early on, Patty Willardsen has had an interest in creating beauty. Beauty comes in many forms. Patty’s work as an esthetician has allowed her clients to be the ‘canvas’ for her artistic touch. Her talent as an artist was honed by years of watching her father, fine artist David Willardson. He is a pioneer in developing a new direction of fine art called Pep Art, which is the inspiration behind action painting. Some of his work can be seen in Disney-licensed imagery, as well as iconic personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis and many more.

We’ve all heard the saying, “good, better, best,” which could be Patty’s motto. She has years of experience and hundreds of hours of training to be at the top of her industry as a master esthetician and a highly sought-after trainer. With her appreciation for education and training, she has been able to stay ahead of the curve with the newest technology.

Over the past several years, Patty has become known as a master of microblading and combining shading with hair strokes. To stay on top of her game, she continues with her own education, holding multiple certificates in permanent makeup and collaborating with the finest in the industry! She has an innate sense of color and a confident, steady hand that allows her to create beautiful, natural eyebrows.

Jared Willardsen

Academy Director

Aside from being Patty’s husband and biggest fan, our Academy Director Jared Willardsen is here to handle our students’ needs.

From producing hit TV shows such as Nitro Circus to consulting and advising some of the nation’s most recognized cosmetic doctors as a producer of “The Wellness Hour,” Jared brings over 20 years of experience in productions and operations to 3D BROWS.

3D Brows Academy director
3D Brows office manager

Sandra Hinchman

Model Scheduling Coordinator/ Client Services

3D Brows instructor Jenny S.

Jenny Stott


3D Brows instructor Jamie W

Jamie Warner