This is an exciting step for you. You’re pursuing a career as a Microblading/Permanent Makeup Artist.  Or perhaps you’re already working in the field, but want to enhance your skillset. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 
To help you avoid some of the common mistakes & pitfalls most microbladers make prior to starting their careers we encourage you to download our Microblading Career Checklist
3D Brows Microblading Career Checklist maps out the main key points to starting a career in Microblading, also included below are additional resources to help you make an informed career decision such as:
  • Local licensing Requirement Links
  • Is a Microblading Career right for you?
  • How to find the right training
  • Why 3D Brows!
  • Entry-level Microblading & Machine Shading & Removal Course information
  • Student financing

Understanding the licensing requirements in your state.
Like any business, you will need to set up a business license or you can work under an employer's license. PMU/Microblading is a form of tattooing it's often referred to as “Body Art”, these licensing requirements vary across the country.

Below are the main body art licensing requirements for most states:

  • Be at least 18 years old.  
  • Have a current blood-borne pathogens certificate, this can be taken online for $25.
  • Facility approved by OSHA/local health inspector ​

Find licensing requirements in your state by clicking the map below:


Hairstroke Practice Sheet 

Microblading Career possibilities are great, but is this career right for you? 

One of the main concerns most students have prior to training is  “Will I be any good at microblading?”   The answer is Yes if you get proper training and then put in the time & practice.  We often say practice makes perfect PERMANENT!   The main difference between good & bad microblading artists is their commitment to themselves and the quality of their education.  Attending a credible microblading fundamental training will provide a new microblader with the educational tools & support needed to develop and improve their techniques.   You don’t have to be artistic but it certainly helps.   

The most important requirements  for a microblading artist are:

  • Having good eyesight
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • People skills

To give you an idea of the hand-eye coordination needed try out a free sample lesson taken from 3D Brows  Online Training.   To access the lesson click the link 3D Brows Tips & Tricks/Practice drawing hair-strokes on paper.   

Have fun with this lesson and remember becoming a microblading artist is just like any other skilled profession, to be successful takes, commitment, a good educational foundation, and a good mentor you can rely on.  

Choosing the right trainer?

This is a big investment in your future and there are a lot of competing options.    When seeking a training provider make sure to consider your own learning abilities and understand they type of training your getting into. 

Do you have the ability to self-teach? If so taking an online training may be an option for you or if you have  some prior experience with tattooing or skincare.  If you like learning by READING, LISTENING or VISUALLY is a great way to gain an understanding of the microblading principles, however for most newbies you will need hands-on experience before working on clients.   Before you sign up for an online training only keep in mind theres a big difference between learning microblading online vs. hands-on learning.   Simply put Online learning  is THEORY based where hands-on learning is EXPERIENCE based.   For example:  If you were to learn how to ride a bicycle with online training only when it comes time to actually ride a real bike would you feel confident & ready?  Microblading is much the same, if you have no prior experience you will need someone by your side as you find your balance and technique.    

Whats your educational goal?  If your seeking an educational foundation to build upon you have come to the right place.   Trying to learn a bunch of different techniques such as lips, eyeliner and microblading at once will only give you a shallow understanding.  Improper techniques and a poor understanding are bad habits to break in this industry so you have to take it one step at a time, then once you have master one technique move on to the next.      Expecting to master microblading after a weekend course where the instructor spends 2-days covering fundamental topics and on the 3rd day students practice on a live model before sending them off on their own is unexcepable.  

 The industry standard for a credible beginner microblading training is 100-hours, often times this includes a mixture of online & hands on training experience.   100-hrs can also help with licensing requirements and better professional insurance coverage rates.

Things to look out for! Microblading is still new to most of the USA, as a fast growing industry it can feel like the wild west at times.  Within the permanent makeup industry the licensing regulations & requirements vary from state to state.  Just like in the tattoo industry a national sanctioned oversight society or group does not exist.  This can be good and bad, especially since when done correctly microblading is less invasive than tattooing.  Although we can appreciate some groups in the industry who are trying to establish standards at the end of the day these societies are private paid membership associations and hold no accountability for the quality of education provided.   

Beware of common misleading advisement and or self-awarded claims by trainings.   If something sounds to good to be true seek the facts and if a trainer claims award winning or words greatest microblading training don’t be afraid to ask them for proof.   

For more tips to finding a good training provider see 3D Brows Microblading Career Checklist section: Things to consider before choosing a training:

Why 3D Brows?

  • Students seeking a more in-depth and personalized education choose 3D Brows Academy. 
  • Compared to other trainers, 3D Brows trainings remain small & exclusive for one-on-one attention and lasting relationships with our students.
  • 3D Brows Academy’s dedication to educating and empowering the world’s best microblade artists is founded on a MENTORSHIP style teaching approach.  By combining fundamental principles of art, skincare, and tattooing we offer unique, online, and hands-on training. 

For more information why students choose 3D Brows click here!

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