3D BROWS Online – Spring 2020 special starting at $399

Comprehensive Microblading Training

The 3D BROWS Online Training is unlike any other microblading fundamentals course we have come across. Ensuring our students comprehend the theory of microblading fundamentals we provide multiple formats of information to ensure students comprehend some of the more critical lessons.

Our online learning program will provide you with the foundation of knowledge you need to build upon in microblading. Each individual lesson is designed to provide detailed materials through instructional videos, visual examples, assignments along with years of personal experience with client documentation to ensure students learn proper habits.

What To Expect

At 3D BROWS we never settle, and we’re always looking for ways to improve an already great program for our students. After talking with past students who had taken other online microblading courses prior to becoming a 3D BROWS student, we were surprised to see how confusing and little detail these courses offered them. For example, watching a video in a foreign language or WITHOUT audio to explain what the technician is doing, only left these poor students more confused and discouraged.

Fortunately for them, our online training is filled with lessons containing visual examples from past experiences, detailed literature with photo examples, and often times these same lessons are accompanied with video demonstrations in the English language showing more examples to follow along with. It may seem redundant to have both text with visual examples supported by demonstration videos, but at 3D BROWS we understand that each student has their own unique way of learning.

3D Brows now offers two different Microblading online education packages:

3D Brows  Online Microblading Curriculum Only = $399

Includes 12-month access to 3D Brows Online Microblading Training curriculum only.  Does not include certification,  practice kit, instructor input or ongoing support.   

3D Brows Online Microblading Training = $950

Includes the full online training package with unlimited access, assignment practice kit,  input evaluation on practice assignments, 50-hour certificate of completion, for ongoing support access to 3D Brows Certified Support group.

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3D Brows Online Training Practice Kit
Note: Online Training Kit is only to assist with online training assignments, it is not the same as our Microblading Starter Kit that's included with our 5-day hands-on training. Online students may purchase Microblading Starter Kit upon request (click here).
Microblading Certification - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

Is 3D BROWS ONLINE Training Right for You?

Check out some video samples taken from our online training and decide if it’s right for you.