Microblading & Shading Trainings

Microblading training
Eyebrow mapping during microblading training
Microblading training

Microblading training and Ombre Brows trainings that will not only supply you with the necessary foundation to master the art of permanent makeup but also give you the knowledge on how to become a successful and profitable business owner.

3D Brows eyebrow trainings combines art principles that will provide students a solid foundation to build upon in permanent makeup with 3D BROWS Founder/Head Instructor Patty Willardsen.  Microblading hands on training class sizes are small to allow each student quality one-on-one time with instructors as they work on multiple live models from start to finish. The below microblading & Eyebrow Shadeing Trainings are designed so that students will be able to confidently start working on their own upon completion of the course.

Microblading Online Training

50 Hour Microblading Fundamental theory & demonstration tutorials, in multiple formats.

All Online

Full Kit Include:

  • Online Practice Kit
  • 50-Hour Online Certificate


  • $199 curriculum access only
  • $499 Full kit w/ 50-hr certificate

Microblading Fundamentals

Microblading Fundamentals 3-Day Hands-On Training & Microblading Training.

Online & In Person


  • Microblading Starter Kit
  • Fundamentals Manual & Client  Forms (PDF)
  • 80-hour certificate 


  • $3,600 Without Lodging
  • $3,999 With Lodging

Machine Shading & Removal Course

Machine Shading & Removal Online Training & 2-day Hands-on Training.

Online & Hands-on


  • Digital Machine Starter Kit
  • Shading & Removal Manual
  • 30-hour certificate


  • $1,250-with Machine Kit
  • $850 without Machine Kit

3D Brows Combined Course

Combine our 3-most popular courses and save!

Online & In Person


  • Microblading & Machine Shading & Removal Online Training
  • Microblading Fundamental 3-day Hands-on Training
  • Machine Shading & Removal 2-day Hands-on Training
  • 110-hour certificate 


  • $4,600 -Without Lodging
  • $4,999 With Lodging

See course details below!

Microblading Training Online

2 online course options to choose from!

Full Online Course- $950

Online Curriculum Only $399

Online Details

3D Brows Online Training program provides the foundation of knowledge you need to build upon in microblading. Each individual lesson is designed to provide detailed materials through instructional videos, visual examples, assignments along with years of personal experience with client documentation to ensure students learn proper habits.

Upon completion students are awarded with 50-hr online Microblading Certificate.  

Includes the full MICROBLADING FUNDAMENTALS online training package with unlimited access, assignment practice kit,  input evaluation on practice assignments, 50-hour certificate of completion, for ongoing support access to 3D Brows Certified Support group.

Includes 12-month access to 3D Brows Online Microblading Training curriculum only.  Does not include certification,  practice kit, instructor input or ongoing support.

3D Brows Online Curriculum

  • Introduction to Microblading Fundamentals
  • Eyebrow Characteristics
  • Facial & Brow Shapes
  • Brow Strokes
  • 3-Hair Patterns
  • Brow Building & Measuring
  • Dotting points
  • Golden Ratio
  • Brow Calipers
  • Proper Strokes
  • Blade Angle
  • Pigment Placement
  • Blade Control
  • Depth
  • Tool & Needle Selection
  • Numbing & Exfoliating
  • Complications
  • Color Theory
  • Pigments
  • Primary & Secondary Colors
  • Skin Tones
  • Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Skin type classification
  • Client outcomes and mixtures
  • 3D Brow Standards
  • 3-Point Stretching
  • Business Licensing
  • Record keeping
  • Client forms
  • Before and Afters
  • Body Positioning & Posture and much more

Microblading Fundamentals Training

  • 80-hour certificate 
  • Fee $2800

This package includes

  • 3D Brows Online Training 50-hrs
  • Online training practice kit
  • Microblading Fundamentals 3-day Hands-on Training
  • Microblading starter kit
  • 80-hour Certificate 

This course combines both 3D Brows Online Training along with our 3-day hands-on Training, covering all aspects of microblading including drawing hair strokes, calculating skin types and appropriate needle depths, proper sanitation and more.  Each student will work on a live model start to finish with an instructor by their side and assist on an additional model.   Thru this process students will learn fundamentals of permanent makeup & microblading and how to confidently work on their own clients upon completion.    

  • Microblading techniques using a hand tool
  • 3 different hair stroke patterns
  • Brow mapping
  • Different needles and when to use them
  • Proper depth
  • How to get the best healed results with the best color retention
  • In depth color theory
  • Numbing
  • Sanitation 
  • much more!
Microblading training az

Microblading Fundamentals Training dates:

  • April 15-17th, 2024 
  • May 27-29TH, 2024
  • June 24-26th, 2024
  • August 5-7th, 2024
  • October 7-9th, 2024
  • December 9-11th, 2024

Microblading starter kit with 3D Brows training

3D Brows Combined course

  • 110-hour certificate 
  • Fee $4600

Our 3-most popular trainings:

  • Microblading Training Fundamentals Online 50-hours 
  • Machine Shading & Removal Training Online 10-hours
  • Microblading Fundamentals 3-day Hands-on Training
  • Machine Shading & Removal 2-day Hands-on Training


  • Unlimited access to our 3D Brows Online Trainings Online training practice kit to be shipped out
  • 5 day hands on training 
  • Microblading starter kit
  • Digital machine starter kit for shading & removal
  • Includes Microblading Certificate along with Ombre Brows Certificate for combined total of 110-hours
  • Ongoing support 

Achieving expertise & confidence in Permanent Makeup through a combination of Online and Hands-on trainings with our 3D Brows Combined Course.   This course is designed to help new permanent makeup artist master the fundamentals of permanent makeup focusing on microblading, ombre brows and the use of machine shading & removal.

Part 1 Online Training:  Online course materials to be taken at your own pace, including text, case study images, video tutorials, demonstrations, and practice assignments.

Part 2 Hands-on Training:  Join us for our 5-day comprehensive eyebrow permanent makeup training in Salt Lake Utah, where you will learn everything about microblading, shading, color corrections, and removal.  As part of the course, each student will work on  live models with an instructor by their side through the entire process, and assist on other models. This hands-on approach will enable students to master the fundamentals of permanent makeup, providing them with the confidence to work with their own clients.

During the hands-on portion of the Microblading Training and Eyebrow Shading Training , you will learn the following skills:

  • Microblading techniques using a hand tool
  • How to use a PMU tattoo machine for Shading, Color corrections and Tattoo removal
  • 3 different hair stroke patterns
  • Brow mapping
  • Different needles and when to use them
  • Proper depth
  • How to get the best healed results with the best color retention
  • In depth color theory
  • Numbing
  • Sanitation 
  • much more!
Microblading & Shading Training

3D Brows Combined Course dates:

  • April 15-19th, 2024 
  • May 27-31st, 2024
  • June 24-28th, 2024
  • August 5-9th, 2024
  • October 7-11th, 2024
  • December 9-13th, 2024

Microblading starter kit with 3D Brows training

Ombre brow training starter kit


Take your skills to the next level.

With Digital Tattoo Machine Starter Kit- $1,800

Without Digital Tattoo Machine Starter Kit- $1,300

3D Brows Online Shading & Removal Course plus 2-day hands-on training offers an award winning Ombre Brows Training.     Students learn the basics of using a digital tattoo machine for eyebrow shading, tattoo removal and corrections. If you want to be able to treat and adapt to every client that walks through your door, we highly recommended taking this course! Shading is a great technique to offer clients that need more than just hair strokes, or for certain skin types that don’t hold hair strokes well.  

This package includes: 

  • Online Training for brow shading, removals & corrections 
  • 2-day hands-on training 
  • Digital tattoo machine starter kit 
  • 30-hour certificate
Ombre brow training starter kit
Eyebrow shading training and removal

Digital Machine Kit A $400 Value includes:  
  • Smart Plus Single Needle Digital Pen with Power supply
  • An assortment of recommended needle cartridges
  • Grip Roll
  • Barrier tape
  • Sanitation supplies
Upcoming Machine Shading, Removal & Correction dates:
  • April 19-20th, 2024 – SOLD OUT!
  • May 30-31st, 2024
  • June 29-30th, 2024
  • August 8-9th, 2024
  • October 10-11th, 2024
  • December 12-13th, 2024

Microblading Refresher Course

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, our Microblading Refresher Course might be the best choice for you!

  • Did you have a bad prior training experience?

  • Do you have some microblading experience and you’re needing a better understanding of how to microblade properly, or just want to learn techniques from another trainer? or has it been a while since you received your training?

  • Do you have a good foundation on tattooing/permanent makeup and want to learn microblading?

Regular Price- $3,000

Limited Time Special- $2,650

30 Hands-on 50 Online = 80-Hour Certificate

Microblading Refresher Course Dates:

  • March TBD
  • April TBD
  • June TBD
  • August TBD
  • October TBD
  • December TBD 

Course Details

The Microblading Refresher Course provides an opportunity to those who didn’t get the best training elsewhere or for those seeking to learn other techniques to obtain the same education educational foundation as our Microblading Fundamentals Hands-on Training at a fraction of the cost & time!

Upon completion of the Microblading Refresher Course, students will be awarded a certificate with 30-hours of hands-on training plus 50 hours of online training for a total of 80 hours.

Assuming students attending the Refresher Course already have some prior experience a Microblading Starter Kit is optional, not included with this course.

3D Brows Long Distance Mentorship with Patty Willardsen

Mentorship Live Video Conference plus 50 hrs Online training: Introductory video conference with Q & A (1-2 hrs) Follow up video conference (1-2 hrs)

Price- $1,200

Course Details

We dont offer courses outside our training facility in the USA, however we do offer long-distance training for students who are unable to travel. Just like our one on one trainings we offer, these long-distance trainings are tailored to the needs of the student. To customize your training expereince we will first work with you to determine your individual needs. Once we have determined your needs we wil prepair for your introductory video/phone call (1-2hour). After the intruductory call the instructor will provide you with some practice assingments along with procedure objectives in preparation for your follow up (2nd) video/phone call. If additional calls or time is needed students have the option for additional video calls at $300 per hour.

Please email: jared@3dbrowsacademy.com to schedule a mentorship.

Microblading training