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Microblading Touch-Up Demonstration Video & Practice Lesson

Microblading Touch-ups – Part 1

Microblading Touch-ups are a crucial part of getting crisp healed results.  It’s not uncommon to lose about 30% of the hair strokes placed from the initial appointment.   We recommend clients come in for their 1st touch-up six weeks after their initial procedure. After that, touch-ups are required to come in once per year to maintain beautiful, crisp natural-looking brows.

The first part of this lesson is a step-by step practice tutorial using a microblade hand-tool on 3D BROW Touch-up Practice Molds.   This microblading tutorial includes helpful tips to create the most natural-looking brows.

Want some insight into your microblading technique?
Print out the Touch-up Practice Sheet and complete the sample lesson from our online training. When you’re done, send it to JARED@3DBROWSACADEMY.COM for a free evaluation!

Microblading Touch-ups – Part 2

In the video below. 3D BROWS Founder Patty Willardsen lets you sit in as she performs a touch-up on a client while explaining the basics of touch-ups.