Microblading Courses

Microblading Courses

Our microblading fundamentals training combines art principles that will provide students a solid foundation to build upon in permanent makeup with 3D BROWS Founder/Head Instructor Patty Willardsen. Class sizes are small to allow each student quality one-on-one time with instructors as they work on multiple live models start to finish. These classes are designed so that students will be able to CONFIDENTLY start microblading on their own upon completion of the course.

Our starter courses are designed for beginners as well as microbladers looking to perfect the fundamentals of producing a beautiful brow. See our course options below to find the best fit for you!

Students learning Hair Stroke Eyebrows and Shading at 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah
Microblading Online Training - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah


The 3D Brows Online curriculum is based on our microblading fundamentals training and is designed to help students get a jump start on building their foundation in permanent makeup.   3D Brows Online training is unlike any other entry-level microblading online training because we offer the training material in multiple formats (Audio, Visual, Reading & hands-on).      For example, an individual lesson is designed to provide detailed materials thru instructional videos, visual examples, assignments along with years of personal experience with client documentation to ensure students learn proper habits.

In this course we have simplified and broken down the important details and theory to microblading, making it very easy to follow.   This course includes UNLIMITED access to training material and our Online Training student community, plus our “ONLINE TRAINING PRACTICE KIT” to follow along with online assignments.


Fee: $4,500 Limited time special $3,500!

Five days of hands-on training experience learning proper habits to ensure your success. In preparation for the 5-day hands on training students are given limited access to our online training. We have found this helps students feel more relaxed and familiarized with our techniques improving overall knowledge retention. To ensure we offer our studetns the best training expereince and value, we cover the following schedule: Microblading Kit - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

Day 1
Microblading Fundamentals
Facial Shapes & Brow Mapping
How to create a stencil frame of the brows & stay within the stencil
Our custom way of pain-less numbing
Creating various hair patterns
Proper needles for different skin types
5 Steps to proper strokes (Paper & Latex) in preparation for live models.

Day 2
Sanitation & Single Use Safety
5 steps to proper strokes working on latex bands, molds & pig ears.
Depth (finding that sweet spot)
Blade control, angle & placement
Infection Control
Color theory
Skin Undertones
Proper tray set up

Days 3 & 4
Demonstrations & Assisting
5 steps to proper strokes practice

Day 5
5 steps to proper strokes practice
Student Evaluation w/ LIVE MODELS

Microblading Certification and Training - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah


Due to Covid-19 all class sizes have been reduced to 8-student maximum

March 16-20, 2020 - sold out
April 20-24, 2020 - sold out
May 18-22, 2020 - 4 spots left!
June 22-26, 2020
August 10-14, 2020
September 21-25, 2020
October 19-23, 2020
November 16-20, 2020
December 7-10, 2020

At 3D brows we believe that its important to not only work on a NEW live model start to finish, but it is equally as important to do a TOUCH UP model start to finish.   Each student will work on 2 models start to finish with an instructor by their side and assist on a 3rd model.  Upon completion, students are awarded 50-hour certificate plus ongoing support to all 3D BROWS graduates.

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This limited time offer includes 5-nights lodging at the Fairfield Inn Marriott with daily breakfast and transportation services to and from 3D Brows Academy, so there is no need to rent a car.

Micro blading Training - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

fee: $5,500 Limited time special $4,500!

Package special of our 3 most popular entry-level Microblading courses (Online, 5-day Hands-on & Shading) Save over $1,000 off.

Microblading Combined Course:
– 5-day Hands-on Training
– 3D Brows Online Training
– Shading Course

Start learning our microblading techniques today in preparation for your hands-on training. Over the 5-day hands-on training we cover a lot of information. For some students this can feel like information overload. By taking the online training prior to attending our hands-on training, students get familiarized with the information and feel much more confident to learn new things.

By the 4th day you will have a good understanding of the basic fundamentals of microblading and will be ready to start learning the various shading techniques with a hand tool. We offer the Shading Course ($650 alone) as an option course add-on to our traveling students after hours on the 4th night.

Shading is a great technique to offer clients that need more than just hair strokes, or for certain skin types that don’t hold hair strokes well. Patty will teach her famous “stardust” brow along with ombre, pixie and full-color shade. Also covered in the shading course is tattoo removal using a saline solution. With all of the poorly trained microbladers over the past few years, saline removal is a great tool to learn!

Combine the Online Training (50 hours) with your 5-day Hands-on Training (50 hours) + Shading Course (5 hours) and earn a certificate with 105 combined training hours.

Insurance rates typically lower when you can show 100+ hours of education.


The Shading Course offers various techniques from full shades or the popular ombre brows using hair stroke and shading combinations! If you want to be able to treat and adapt to every client that walks through your door, we highly recommended taking this course! Shading is a great technique to offer clients that need more than just hair strokes, or for certain skin types that don’t hold hair strokes well. Patty will teach her famous “stardust” brow along with ombre, pixie and full-color shade. Also covered in the Shading Course is tattoo removal using a saline solution.

For this 4-hour course all students will practice on various artificial materials that replicate real skin. Students attending the 5-day hands-on training will have the opportunity to apply the shading techniques they have learned on live models the following day during their 5-day course.

Microblading Shading Styles - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah
Microblading Demonstration - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

March 16-18th, 2020 - sold out!
April 20-22nd, 2020 - sold out!
May 18-20th, 2020 - space is limited
June 22-24th, 2020 - space is limited
August 10-12th, 2020
September 21-23rd, 2020
October 19-21st, 2020
November 16-18th, 2020
December 7-9th, 2020



If you answer yes to any of the questions below, our Microblading Refresher Course might be the best choice for you!

  • Did you have a bad prior training experience?
  • Do you have some microblading experience, or has it been a while since you received your training?
  • Do you have a good foundation on tattooing/permanent makeup and want to learn microblading?
  • Do you feel you’re needing a better understanding of how to microblade properly, or just want to learn techniques from another trainer?
3-day Hands on Training plus 50-hours Online Training & Shading
This course is only for Microblading technicians who need a better understanding of the core fundamentals or for those who did not get properly trained before.   Get the same educational foundation as our Fundamentals 5-day Hands on Training at a fraction of the cost & time!   Although the 3-day Microblading Refresher Course is merged within our Microblading Fundamentals 5-day Hands on Training, we take pride on being able to adapt to your individual learning abilities.   In preparation for the 3-day hands on training, students are encouraged to get familiarized with our techniques by completing 3D Brows Online training assignments along with a microblading evaluation provided.  
The first two days of the 3-day Refresher Course and our Microblading Fundamentals 5-day Hands on Training cover the same curriculum & practical hands on experience.   The main difference between these two courses is the amount of model time.    During the 3-day Refresher Course each student will perform a full microblading procedure with with an instructor by their side on 1 model compared to the 5-day Hands on training each student performs full procedures on 2 models plus assists other student on a 3rd model.    Depending on the students needs they will either perform a new microblading procedure or a touch-up with their model.
While attending the Refresher Course, students may have the option to add days or upgrade to the 5-day course if they need more hands on experience working on models with the instructors.   Upon completion of the Refresher Course, students will be awarded a certificate for up to 30 hours of hands-on training plus 50 hours of online training for a total of 80 hours.
Assuming students attending the Refresher Course already have some prior experience a Microblading Starter Kit is optional, not included with this course.

Microblading Tips and Tricks by Patty Willardsen - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

Long-Distance Training

3D Brows Long-Distance Mentorship with Patty Willardsen $1,200

Mentorship Live Video Conference plus 50 hrs Online training: Introductory video conference with Q & A (1-2 hrs) Follow up video conference (1-2 hrs)
We dont offer courses outside our training facility in the USA, however we do offer long-distance training for students who are unable to travel. Just like our one on one trainings we offer, these long-distance trainings are tailored to the needs of the student. To customize your training expereince we will first work with you to determine your individual needs. Once we have determined your needs we wil prepair for your introductory video/phone call (1-2hour). After the intruductory call the instructor will provide you with some practice assingments along with procedure objectives in preparation for your follow up (2nd) video/phone call. If additional calls or time is needed students have the options for additional video calls at $300 per hour.

Each month during the same week of our 5-Day Hands-On Training we offer optional evening courses to accommodate our traveling students who want additional training.

These add-ons include our Shading and 3D Lash Lift Courses.