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At 3D Brows Academy, you can enter a unique facet of the skincare industry and help others love their brows and apply permanent makeup. With our hybrid online and in-person courses in Utah, you can get the experience you need to ultimately build your book of clients and jumpstart your career in the microblading and permanent makeup industry. No previous experience necessary, but this could be the perfect addition to your skincare services if you’re already a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician! Become your own boss through 3D Brows Academy!

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Why 3D Brows Academy?

A Supportive Atmosphere

Come and learn the art of permanent makeup and microblading in an environment built to support you. Our team wants you to succeed.

Our High-Quality Training

Our courses are designed to provide you with a solid foundation so that you can confidently start your career upon completing your course.

Different Financing Options

Pay as you go! You don’t have to put your future on hold. We offer different financing options so you can get your career started.

Why Students Love 3D Brows Academy


3D brows is by far the best training out there. I was so nervous to get on skin and start microblading, but the support of Patty helped me push through that fear. I just can't say enough about the training and hospitality once we got there..

Amy F.

The education that I received from this program was very informative. I love that you had the online part of the program to start you out and get you prepared for what came next.

Deerae H.

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What Are You Waiting For?

We share your same passion for brows and want to help you pursue your goal of becoming a permanent makeup artist. With a variety of different courses and training programs to choose from, you can start working on what you’re most passionate about. And, with a variety of in-person and online options, you can take control of your education. Most of our programs can be completed in less than a week, so you’ll be ready to start taking clients in no time.

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These two has prepped for class so much they were soooo ready!  I can’t wait to see what they do with this skill! 💕
I love these girls!  And I love getting to share my knowledge with them!  Thanks for this cute reel @beercitybrows
Another amazing class!  One from ukrain, Seattle, New York and California.  These girls are ready!  Welcome to the 3dbrows family! ❤️ you all!  @pacificnwbrows @nawrockidiana @cindymbelmonte @liudmyla_nk
How to lube your bishop! #pmu #pmuartist #permanentcosmetics #permanentmakeup #microblading #permanentmakeuptips #bishoppmu
Last chance to sign up for the LIP BLUSHING, AREOLA or EYELINER course.  Email jared to lock down your spot.
Scalp Micro training coming Feb. 4-5 2023.
Permanent makeup color fading? 
What to do when your client's color has changed over time.

If your client's color ages well and you are satisfied with how the color has faded in the skin, then you CAN use the same color as you initially used. But if the color has changed and aged poorly in the skin, you can NOT use what you originally used...You have to replace what has been lost!
For more tips & tricks visit:

For more information about training visit:
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I really didn’t want this class to end.  But I can hardly wait to see what these ladies do!  Southern utah, Vermont, New York, Chico and Salt Lake City watch out!!! Welcome to my little family girls!  @thick_and_thin_vt @browlovegeneseo @balancebrows @bloomingbrows_jen @alteredstrokes
Vermont and Maine have some new artist about to take over!!! Sam is going to focus on removals which she will be brilliant at.  And Nina is one of those students that is a natural at this!  Microblading and shading just came so easy for her.  She was born for this. 😊 Hopefully is see @bodypiercingby_nina again for lips in February 💋💋
Microblading Needle Selection simplified - Learn how to read needle size
- Choose the right needle size
- How to save money!

How to choose the best microblading needle(s) for your client. 
 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen simplifies microblading needle sizes,  diameters, shapes, and flex.   

For more information  about training visit:

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Lina is coming back!!!! February 2023!!! This class is filling up fast!  Contact jared for details!  760-535-0150  #lipblushtraining  #3dbrowsacademy #lipblushtrainingutah
Light fluffy “airy” powder brows #ombrebrows #pmu #powderbrows #permanentmakeup #permanentmakeuputah #3dbrows #3dbrowsutah #3dbrowsacademy #3dbrowscertified
New tips video on its way to your screen shortly.  #shading #permanentmakeup #permanentmakeuptutorial #ombrebrows  #pmutraining
How to color correct with a digital pen
Literally can’t say enough good things about this group!  I’m so excited for them!  Welcome to my family ladies!!!! #microblading #microbladingtraining #microbladingtrainingutah #microbladingutah #3dbrows #3dbrowsutah #3dbrowsacademy #3dbrowscertified
Shaded brows are a current trend, but perfecting the technique is different for everyone. Click the link below for our latest 3D Brows tips & tricks, Patty explains how to get the best results when shading eyebrows!

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