3D BROWS Tips & Tricks

Permanent makeup color fading?

What to do when your client’s color has changed over time.

If your client’s color ages well and you are satisfied with how the color has faded in the skin, then you CAN use the same color as you initially used. But if the color has changed and aged poorly in the skin, you can NOT use what you originally used…You have to replace what has been lost!

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How you do this, is you download the CIC chart for the pigments you used. Google the lightfastness of each color that is in the pigment you used. (Lightfastness is the ability a dye or pigment has to endure light and retain its original colour over time. To sum up, the better the level, the more resistant the colour is to fading when exposed to sunlight. There are different measurement levels for Lightfastness.). Write down the lightfastness number next to the CIC number. You will see that some have a lightfastness of 8 (these stay in the skin)… others with a 5 or maybe a 6. The higher the number the longer that color will show in the skin. The lower the number the faster that color will break out of the skin. The lower numbers are what need to be replaced on the touch-up.