Practice Microblading Hair Patterns on Paper

3D BROWS Instructor Jenny Stott demonstrates drawing European Hairstroke Pattern on paper for microblading.

This is one of 3 main hair patterns we introduce to our students. Practicing your microblading skills on paper is one of the most important things you can do in becoming a great artist. ​

This video is a small sample lesson from 3D BROWS Online Training. At this point we just want you to get familiarized with practicing brows on paper. Like other art forms, some of the keys to greatness are practice and having a good mentor.

Practice lesson instructions for the above video tutorial and Practice sheet download:

If you would like to receive an evaluation of your work watch the below instructional video or download the Eyebrow Drawing Strokes Practice Sheet.  After you have completed your hair strokes email your completed work to JARED@3DBROWSACADEMY.COM for a complimentary evaluation.

Click below to download practice sheet pdf file!

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