3D BROWS Tips & Tricks

Shading/ Ombr’e Brows

3D Brows Tips & Tricks: Shading/ Ombr’e Brows
In this tutorial video 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen explains to newbie Permanent Makeup students the basics to eyebrow shading.

YouTube video

Not every client has spars brows or missing hairs. Shading allows us the option to provide a tinting/ shadow-like effect with or without hair strokes. With shading services, we have the opportunity to offer softer or bolder-looking eyebrows, depending on the amount of saturation placed between the bulb and the tail of the eyebrows. These combinations generate a drastic appearance on your clients.

To achieve the desired shading look, it’s a personal preference of using a traditional tattoo machine or the manual method (hand tool).