Pay as you go! Get zero interest for 6 months on approved credit or a fixed rate 3% for 18-months.

3D Brows offer student financing thru TFC Tuition

TFC Tuition will finance up to 75% of the total course amount and the other 25% will be due two weeks prior to attending your training.   Based on credit history typical loan terms are 12-18 months with a maximum student aid interested rate 6%.

For example, a TFC loan for Hands-on training = $3,600 calculates as follows:
Upfront 25% (this will be part of your deposit) to be paid prior to attending course= $900
-Remaining course balance 75% financed thru TFC tution= $2,700
-Total interest paid at 3% over 18-month loan= $81
-Monthly payments only $154  

The first payment will be due  1-week prior to attending the course and must equal 25% of the course total.  TFC Tuition approvals typically take 24 hours once the credit application has been submitted.  To apply for loan approval download the credit report form and return by email along with photo ID to: JARED@3DBROWSACADEMY.COM

Or return by mail along with photo ID to:

DRAPER, UT 84123


To secure your spot for any hands on training, a $500 deposit is required.  This can be done either before or after financing approval.  The $ 500 deposit amount will be applied towards the Upfront Amount due if student finances thru TFC Tuition.

The remaining course balance or financing will be due two weeks prior to the scheduled training date. Incremental payments allowed!