Microblading Depth & Stroke Placement demonstration

Join 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen as she prepares a new student to start microblading on her own, during one of our Microblading Fundamentals 5-day Hands on training courses.   When learning new things it’s always a good idea to see things from a 3rd party point of view.  This video part one will certainly […]

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Microblading Hairstrokes Practice Sheet - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

Practice Microblading Hair Patterns on Paper

Practicing your microblading skills on paper is one of the most important things you can do in becoming a great artist. ​This video is a small sample lesson from 3D BROWS Online Training. At this point we just want you to get familiarized with practicing brows on paper. Like other art forms, some of the keys to greatness are practice and having a good mentor.

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Brow Mapping - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

Brow Mapping

One of the most important parts of Microblading on clients is Brow Mapping! Learn to follow the natural features of your client’s face in building the framework to natural-looking brows. By using the 5 reference points as a guide in brow mapping, it will allow you to build a brow that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We want to enhance our clients’ best features!!!

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