Permanent Eyeliner Service at 3D Brows - Utah Eyeliner Tattoo

Our Latest Permanent Eyeliner Masterpiece

We so excited about the results of this client’s permanent eyeliner tattoo. No more worrying about trying to achieve the perfect eyeliner everyday — we’ve done it for you! Not only is permanent eyeliner a maintenance-free makeup solution, it’s maintenance-free for years to come. In the first session of the permanent eyeliner process we are […]

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Eyebrow COLOR CORRECTION & SHADING with tattoo machines

In Microblading/ Permanent Makeup technicians can achieve similar results using completely different tools and techniques. The healed result we want can either be achieved by doing the “manual method” or “machine method” and in some cases combining both methods. Each tool has its unique advantages and which technique you use really comes down to personal […]

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