3D Brows Academy


Our graduates leave 3D BROWS ACADEMY with the training and confidence they need to go on to successful careers in microblading and permanent makeup. Below are the stories of some graduates who’ve taken the time to share with us their experiences. We applaud their accomplishments and are so proud to have played a role in getting them started on their paths to success!

Chrissy Bongiorno

West Virginia student uses Covid-19  shut down to begin a successful microblading career.  She says “It’s almost been a blessing!”

Kristin Claridge

When I went to go get my own brows done, I learned a lot of what NOT to do.  I wanted to learn from the best, so I came to 3D Brows.

Ashlan Alred

“I felt so confident to start doing microblading on my own clients right away because the training was so thorough … When you’re learning from the best you know you’re not going to make a lot of the mistakes that you see with other microbladers.”

Emily Page

“By having this more in-depth training that I received through 3D BROWS I’ve been able to tell the clients why they should choose this permanent brow option over this permanent brow option, what’s going to look best with their face structure and their bone structure and skin type.”

Shinel Samuel & Tera Davis

“There are so many more techniques, and I think that they were like hidden secrets for me … I never would have gotten this in an online class.”

Becky Cambell

“I feel like Patty and Jen would be there to answer and to help, and they want us to succeed. I’ve been so impressed with that, that they care. I would send everybody here, a million times.”

Ambria Myers

“My advice to anyone wanting to anyone wanting to learn how to do microblading is to do a lot of research. Make sure you research where you’re going. I would highly, highly recommend 3D BROWS. I absolutely have loved learning from Patty.”

Student Stories

“What I saw from Patty was the greatest thing. It was the biggest variety, and it wasn’t like a stencil — the same stencil put on everybody.”

“I trained with Patty recently and she is so amazing and so very talented! Her natural talent and skill was beyond me! Loved working by her side as she was willing to share her pure talent and skills and secrets with our class. She made me feel comfortable and confident to take on my on a new skill. I would recommend anyone to train with patty it was really such a great learning experience.”

Lindsey H.

“I’ve had my brows done by Patty for the past 2 years and she is by far the best I’ve seen in the industry. I’m also in the skin care and beauty industry and have seen some horrible jobs done by technicians that go too deep so I’ve immediately sent them to Patty. She is an artist and a perfectionist. I call her the brow expert!!!!!”

Lynette M.

“Thank you thank you! I had an old set of tattoo brows and Patty was able to fix them, fix the color, and redefined the shape. I am in love with them! I have been going to Patty for years in Los Angeles and her expertise and incredible touch made the world of difference. I’m a 3D BROWS fan.”

Nicole W.

“Patty’s work and the work of her trainees should speak for itself. Patty is the absolute best instructor! I’m so thankful I chose to learn from her. She creates an individual brow for each client. Her understanding of color theory, the healing process, and brow shape makes her the best. I left feeling completely confident in my new knowledge and training. If you want the best brows or if you want to learn from the best, go to Patty at 3D BROWS. You won’t regret it.”

Sara P.

“First off I did my research, looked into 5 different trainings and I confidently know I chose the best training out there, Patty is the best of the best and her work and knowledge proves that. I left my training feeling fully confident packed with so much information, tools, and resources to be a successfully trained microblading artist. Patty has such a great team behind her. I am thrilled to have been able to train with her and will happily stand behind her success.”

Hailee C.

“Patty did my brows 5 months ago and I love them! I get compliments almost daily. She has a real talent. Thanks for your amazing work!!!”

Nicole W.

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