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3D Brows Academy is the top microblading school for prospective Utah microblade artists. Students travel from all over the world to Utah for our trainings, making local students especially fortunate since we are right nearby! Our microblading courses are renowned throughout Utah and the United States as a comprehensive, hands-on education unlike any other. As one of the first to offer microblading services & trainings in the Rocky Mountains and the first microblading school to be an approved state-registered postsecondary school in the permanent makeup industry, we follow the same consumer protection standards as state accredited institutions and universities. We take pride in providing our Utah microblading students with an individualized and reliable education foundation to build upon.

We train our students in a variety of aspects across the permanent makeup industry, including microblading, ombre brows, shading, cosmetic tattoo removal and much more. Whether you’re interested in practicing shading or opening your own microblading studio, 3D Brows Academy has the instructors and resources to help you get there. Hands-on courses at our Utah facility allow us to provide an interactive experience for each of our students, and our 50-hours of online training with unlimited access fully prepares students for their hands-on training experience.

Multiple Images Where Students Practice their Microblading Training On Synthetic & Live Models
Utah Microblading Facility Near Salt Lake City


No matter where you live in Utah, you can learn microblading at 3D Brows Academy just outside Salt Lake City for a totally immersive, unique educational experience. Studies show that a proper learning environment can increase learning retention by 25%, and the 3D Brows facility was built for student success. Our destination training facility presents a comfortable environment with warm lighting to help students feel at ease, forming stronger bonds with each other and their instructors. Working in small classroom sizes and with synthetic materials that replicate real skin, our pupils become fully prepared for one-on-one instruction with live models during the last days of their training. With a spacious central classroom and multiple procedure rooms, students receive the fundamentals & problem-solving skills to become confident microblading artists with a rewarding lifelong career.

Not only is our training facility top notch, but students visiting us from all corners of Utah find our accommodations to be both exceptional and affordable. We have partnered with the local Marriott hotel near our facility to offer discounted room rates and complimentary transportation services from the airport and to & from class each day. The hotel is within walking distance from fantastic restaurants, nearby shopping, and is only a few miles from the Academy. Regardless of where you’re from, you can enjoy all that our Utah location has to offer.

Students who take our microblading classes leave 3D Brows with much more than just a certificate. Our Utah students graduate with ongoing support from a community of skilled microblade artists & instructors, an abundance of educational resources, and the skills to become a successful permanent makeup artist. 3D Brows Academy can help you lay a foundation to a rewarding, prosperous career in microblading.


Whether you’ve had a poor prior training experience, maybe it’s been a while since your last training, or you’re just looking for some new and improved techniques, 3D Brows is the best place to get up-to-speed in the microblading industry. The number of unqualified trainers offering microblading courses in Utah is rising at an alarming rate, but you can rest easy knowing that 3D Brows Academy is a state post-secondary school, held to the highest standard in permanent makeup education. Our refresher course is a 3-day Hands-On Training with 50 hours of online training and shading. You can get the same educational foundation as our Fundamentals 5-day Hands-On Training at a fraction of the cost & time!

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Online Microblading Training from 3D Brows


Online microblading classes at 3D Brows Academy provide students with an arsenal of skills they can use for years to come, from learning proper hairstroke patterns to microblading aftercare. With our online microblading training courses, you can become a certified microblade artist without leaving the comfort of your Utah home! Our online courses can be completed in a matter of weeks, and 3D Brows will equip you with the resources you need to get started.

Learn microblading from the best instructors in the industry at 3D Brows Academy.

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Ready to get started, but not sure which permanent makeup course is right for you? Here are the main course topics taught at 3D Brows Academy. Click the links below to learn more about each course and get signed up today!

  • Entry-Level Microblading Courses: Learn the fundamentals of microblading with hands-on training from our experienced instructors. Get started on the right career path to becoming a successful microblading artist in Utah by signing up for this class today.
  • Microblading Refresher Course: Perfect your craft as a microblade artist with our refresher course, perfect for anyone who has trained in microblading previously.
  • Shading Course: Learn all about different shading & hairstroke combinations (including Ombre Brows) with our engaging Shading Course. Tattoo removal using saline solution is also covered in-depth throughout this course. Utah microblading artists with previous experience are highly encouraged to enroll in the Shading Course to add to their list of specialties within the permanent makeup industry.
  • Permanent Makeup (PMU) 5-Day Machine Course: Discover new aspects of permanent makeup and let your work help you stand out as a professional from other Utah microblading artists with this course. Our 5-day Hands-On training is designed to help both microblading and soft-tap artists transition smoothly into offering new techniques within the services they already perform. Learn all about the benefits of both a digital & rotary machine, and practice on live models to implement and perfect your training.
  • 3D Lash Lift Course: Utah estheticians — if you’re ready to diversify the permanent makeup services you offer to your clients, this course is for you. In just one evening, you can learn how to properly perform a lash lift. Not only is it a low maintenance, time-saving alternative to eyelash extensions to offer your clients, it’s also a great add-on to keep clients coming back for your services with big profits. Sign up today!
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