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What it takes to become a successful microblade artist.

Microblading career success

I often get asked what it takes to make it in this industry, and honestly its GRIT!!!

There is obviously a natural talent that some students have and they just get it from the get-go. However, there are plenty of students that have had to work a little bit harder. And after tons of hard work and perseverance, they have become some of the most successful technicians in the field. The key to their success isn’t so much talent but GRIT. Not just in this industry but in anything that we do, it takes sticking with it. Learning continuously and practicing daily is the key to staying ahead of the curve.

Which brings me to my next point. There are a lot of veterans out there that pride themselves on the number of years they have been tattooing, yet they somehow have every hour of the day open to troll facebook and social media platforms. So they may have years under their belt, but the number of clients done doesn’t match up to their years in the industry. I don’t care how many years you have been doing this, I care about your mileage. How many clients have you done? Do you see one a day, one a week, or 5 a day? That’s where your real experience comes from. I see girls that were trained 6 months ago passing up some of these “veterans” because they are too busy working on clients and improving themselves to have any extra time to spend on Facebook. So don’t let yourself get beat down by these platforms. Keep your head down and focus on your own game.

The next thing that people need to know when entering into this industry, is don’t spread yourself too thin. Don’t think that you are going to save a buck and take a 3-day class that teaches microblading, soft tap, lips, eyeliner and machine all in one class. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to learn all these techniques and get good at one when you only have a day or two allocated to learning that technique. Learn one skill, get good at it, then learn another! Learn these techniques in different courses held at different times. Don’t take a class that shoves them all into one class. It’s not fair to sell yourself short.

I love all modalities when it comes to PMU. Moreover, a skilled technician should have a good knowledge of them all, but give yourself time to learn them. DON’T RUSH THIS PROCESS!!!! You want to master them, not be mediocre.

Stick with it, and you will be great!

Patty Willardsen
3D BROWS Founder/Head Instructor