About Us


Microblading and Brow Shaping Demonstrations - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah
Microblading Training Course Certification - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah

Our Mission

At 3D BROWS ACADEMY, our mission is to ensure that our students become confident permanent makeup artists. Like any other art form, microblading takes the proper training foundation, along with mentors, motivation and guidance to help students find their own destiny.

If you want to be the best at anything, it’s going to take practice and an established support system – not just a few days of in-and-out training. As a state post-secondary school, 3D BROWS ACADEMY is held to a higher standard in education.

Located near Salt Lake City, Utah, students from all over the world visit 3D BROWS ACADEMY because they are not willing to settle for just any training. They come to us for a foundation to a successful career!

Our Founder

Patty Willardsen founded 3D BROWS ACADEMY and developed her comprehensive training program for all student learning styles, with a combination of clinical and art fundamentals, to ensure each student has the opportunity to complete our training with the confidence they need to stand out as a great artist.

As a master esthetician and certified esthetician instructor, Patty also has been awarded multiple certifications in permanent makeup, skin care, and as an educator.

Microblading Training Course with Patty Willardsen - 3D BROWS ACADEMY, Utah
3D BROWS ACADEMY Microblading Training Course Facility - Murray, Utah

Our Facility

3D BROWS ACADEMY, near Salt Lake City, Utah, is centrally located in North America with an optimal layout of classroom and procedure rooms to ensure we are able to exceed expectations. For this reason we do not offer our trainings off-site or in other states.

For the many students who travel from all over the world to attend our trainings, we offer travel discounts and conveniently scheduled add-on courses. Be sure to visit our Location page for information about our current travel opportunities, and our Calendar page lists dates for all of scheduled courses to help you maximize the time you spend with us.